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The eDiscovery module of Gimmal Discover can be used to complete a comprehensive search, review, and collection of electronically stored information (ESI) found in a variety of content areas. The process is carried out in two distinct steps:

  • the first step is performing a search of content to build a responsive data set. These responsive items may then be reviewed for relevancy and labeled for subsequent processing

  • the second step is creating a forensically sound collection of content that was labeled as relevant during the review process

The data search is conducted within a corporation's network and in places where the data resides -- in email stores such as Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and archives, in PST files, in Office 365 mailboxes and archives, on Windows Files Shares, on users' desktops, and laptops and more. The discovery across all the repositories will be performed as a federated search using a consistent, unified syntax across all data types. Metadata about the results of the search can be viewed on the Discover website with filtering options to help identify responsive items to be collected. Collected items are exported to a configured shared location within the corporate network along with inventory and exception logs. Additionally, all search activity is logged, and the information is reviewable through the Discover dashboard.

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