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The Custodians button found in the left-hand pane of the eDiscovery module provides a master custodian list showing all custodians across all the matters managed through Gimmal Discover.

The details displayed on the Custodians screen are:

  • Name - The name of the custodian

  • Matters - The number of matters the custodian has been assigned to; clicking the count will display the list of those matters. Please note that this count is limited to the matters you have access to.

  • Holds - The number of matters for which the custodian has been put on hold; clicking the number will list the holds assigned to the custodian.

  • Expected Release Date - If the holds that this custodian has been assigned to have a close date, this column will display the latest of those dates. If any of the holds do not have a Close Date identified, this value will remain blank.

  • Suspension Start Date – If a custodian has been suspended from a matter, the date suspension began

  • Suspension End Date - If a custodian has been suspended from a matter, the date suspension will end

The green Action button in the toolbar provides options to temporarily remove a custodian from a matter (and associated hold notices) or remove the suspension.

The orange More button on the toolbar provides options to generate a custodian report or filter the custodian list to show active (open) matters or show active holds only.

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