The eDiscovery Summary Page is displayed when clicking on the eDiscovery module button found at the top of the Discover dashboard. This view provides a quick recap of current activity in the module including, how many matters and hold notices are in use, and whether any searches or collections are currently in progress.

A matter is the starting point to managing the eDiscovery process in Gimmal Discover. Clicking on the green Matter block in the summary page displays a list of all of the matters currently defined in Discover that your login either owns of or has been granted access to. The matter view includes these details:

  • Name - The name given to the matter by the authorized user that created it

  • Matter # - A unique number assigned to the matter. It can be automatically by Discover or manually entered by the matter owner during creation

  • Owner - The Discover authorized user assigned as the owner of the matter. The default when creating the matter is the currently logged in user

  • Custodians - The number of custodians assigned to the matter

  • Start Date - The date the matter was initiated. The default when creating the matter is the current date

  • Status - The current status of the matter; valid statuses are Open, Closed, and Settled.

Clicking on a matter name in this view opens that matter in edit mode.