This section provides information on how to install the following Gimmal Link components:

  • Configuration Service
  • Connector Service
  • ERP-Link Enterprise
  • Document Tracking Service

The server where you install the Gimmal Link components must be in one of the following states:

  • Clean server that never has had Gimmal Link or ERP-Link or Document Management for SAP Solutions installed on it, or
  • Server that has had complete uninstall previously performed following the instructions in Uninstalling Older Versions

Perform the following steps to install the Gimmal Link components:

  1. Download the Gimmal Link product package from the Gimmal software download site and extract it to a designated folder.
  2. Navigate to the installation folder, and double-click "setup.hta" to launch the Gimmal installation splash screen.
  3. On the installation splash screen, click Core Platform under the Install ERP-Link section. The main installation screen displays, listing the core platform components available for installation:

    Main Installer Screen

If you are upgrading, and a previous version of ERP-Link or DM for SAP Solutions is still installed on your system, the Install buttons for the components will be disabled. Please uninstall the previous version and then restart the installation process.