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Installing Gimmal Link Enterprise (DM/DSM)

NOTE:  This is a module of Gimmal Link (Legacy) which installs the Document Manager and Document Service Model. This is not related to the Gimmal Link Enterprise product with enhanced features.

  1. On the main installation screen, click Install for Gimmal Link Enterprise.  The installer wizard opens on the “Prerequisites Verified” screen, where it verifies that all of the prerequisites have been met for the installation.
  2. Click Next. The Website and Application Pool screen displays.
  3. Indicate if you will be installing the app to a new or existing website and application pool by selecting the appropriate radio button: New or Existing
    1. If New then...
      1. Click Next. The IIS Settings screen displays.

      2. Enter/select the following settings:

        • Web Application Name – Enter a name for the web application.

        • Web Application Port – Enter a port number.

        • SSL Certificate – Select an SSL Certificate from the drop-down list, if applicable.

          When you install the Configuration Service, a new Application Pool will be created, which is used by the created web application. The following options specify the identity used for this Application Pool.

        • Username – Enter a pre-existing username for the Application Pool Account. (Note: Username must be in the format of Domain\Username.)

        • Password – Enter a pre-existing password for the Application Pool Account.

      3. Continue to Step 4.

    2. If Existing then...
      1. Click Next. The Select Website/Application Pool screen displays.

      2. Select an existing website and application pool.

      3. Click Next. The Database Settings screen displays. Continue with step 4 below.

  4. On the Installation Location screen, enter or select the installation location for the Gimmal Link Enterprise module for Gimmal Link (Legacy). The location shown in the screenshot is the default location. To change the location, click the (...) button and navigate to and select the correct location.

  5. Click Next. The installation process begins, indicated by a progress bar on the screen. When the installation is complete, you will see “Installed” display on the screen.

  6. Click Next to go to the Finish screen, where you will see a confirmation of the installation.

  7. Click Finish to close the installer wizard and return to the main product installation screen.

  8. Continue with the next section to install the Document Tracking Service.

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