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Getting Started

1. Create a new Authentication Setting

  • First work with your O365 Tenant Administrator to authorize Cloud Drop Zones for the Graph API in the O365 Tenant as explained here: Configuring Graph API
  • Click "Authentication Management"
  • Click the "Create New" button
  • Enter the details of the target O365 tenant as detailed in Create New Authentication Settings

2. Create a new Destination

  • Click "Destination Management"
  • Click the "Create New" button
  • Create the Destination Configuration as detailed in Create a Destination

3. Create a Group and Add Users

  • Refer to the pages in the category Group Management to create and configure your initial groups.
  • Refer to the pages in the category User Management to add your users.
  • Assign users to specific groups.

4. Create Properties

  • Template Properties correspond to the metadata that will be assigned to the document in the target repository.
  • More information on how to create these is available in Template Properties

5. Create a Template

  • A Template is a collection of properties that will be assigned to document when it is released to the drop zone.
  • More information on setting up a template is available in the category Templates

6. Create a Drop Zone

  • Finally you are ready to create your first Drop Zone!
  • Use a Destination, a Group of Users, and a Template that you configured to create a Drop Zone in Zone Management.

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