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Retention Schedules

Gimmal Physical supports the creation and management of multiple retention schedules (also called record schedules) which can then be associated to different items (e.g. boxes) to facilitate efficient disposition.

Retention Schedules are created via the appropriate data tab. These schedules can than be assigned to specific items via an Update or Bulk Update in the user interface, or via an automated or manual import of data.

Creating a Retention Schedule

To create a new Retention Schedule in Gimmal Physical, first click on the Retention Schedule item type tab (A) and then click on the ‘Create' Action Button (B).

Note: In this example, the application has been configured to call this tab 'Records Schedule’.

The Create Record Schedule is opened with fields defining the retention schedule.

There are a number of useful buttons found on the top of the form.

  • Cancel closes the form with out saving any changes.

  • Set Defaults saves the currently entered values as defaults for any new record of the same type.

  • Save & Close will save all fields and close the form, returning to the home page.

  • Save & View will save all fields and go to the View page for the item.

  • Save & New will save all fields for this item and remain on the page to create a new item.

The fields which are shown reflect the specific configuration of your organization. After entering the data to defined the schedule, save the Retention Schedule.


  • The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

  • Similar to all item types, unlimited number of Retention Schedules may be created.


The actual field, tab and action button names can be configured per organization and may vary in from those shown in the examples.

Updating a Records Schedule

To update an existing retention schedule:

  1. Select the retention schedule you wish to update using the selection box in the first column of the screen.

  2. Click the ‘Update’ button. The update screen will open allowing you to edit existing values if your permissions allow.

Applying a Retention Schedule

To apply a retention schedule to a record via the user interface:

  1. Select the desired data item tab (e.g. Boxes).

  2. Query the record in which to apply the schedule, and select 'Update. Alternately, a new record can be created.

  3. Go to the Update screen of the record, search and select the appropriate retention schedule, click the radio button to apply and click Update to update the record.

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