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Cart Options

The Cart acts as a repository that allows users to perform common actions on items collected from multiple searches. This includes requests, transfers, and other actions.

Add All to Cart options are not available in Gimmal Physical versions 3.14 and below.

To add items to the Cart:

  1. Search for the desired items using the search options on the tab that contains the item type you wish to add to the Cart.

  2. Choose the items to add to the Cart.

    1. To choose selected items: check the box in the first column for each desired item,

    2. To add everything from the query, do not make any selections. This will add as an ‘Add all to Cart’ option.

  3. Click the 'Add to Cart' button. A verification message will appear with the total number of items to be added to the cart.

  4. After items are added to the cart the cart quantity for this data tab is displayed to the right of the action bar.

  5. To view the Cart, click on the View action button and select ‘Cart’ from the drop down menu.

  6. To perform an action on the items in the cart, select the desired records (A) and then click on the appropriate Action Button (B).

  7. After the action is performed, you can remove the selected items from the cart by clicking the Remove Selected button (C) or to remove all the items at once click the Clear Cart (D) button.

Helpful tips:

  • Users can enable a confirmation when adding items to the cart. This is found by selecting Preferences from the Navigation Ribbon, choosing ‘Application’, and enabling ‘Confirmation when adding to cart’.

  • When adding selected items to the cart, the additions are processed immediately.  However, when adding over 5,000 items to the cart, a background job will take over the process. This prevents interface timeouts but can take a significant amount of time before the cart can be updated.

  • Carts are per user and cannot be shared.


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