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Integration with Governance Hub

Metadata Inheritance Rules (MIR) is integrated with Gimmal's Governance Hub. Governance Hub is a configuration management application that provides a single location to configure and manage installed Gimmal software. Using the Governance Hub, you can manage global and local configuration for MIR in any site where it is installed.

For example, from the Governance Hub, you can create and manage rules that are published to one or more sites where MIR is installed (global configuration). When you create a global metadata inheritance rule in Governance Hub, you configure whether it should take precedence over a rule created in the local site, or whether the local rule should take precedence over the global rule. This allows you to consistently populate MIR instances with metadata inheritance rules and gives you flexibility as to how the rules are applied. (For more information on rule priority, see Determining Rule Priority for MIR (link).)

You can use Governance Hub to create and manage rules directly within a given site (local configuration). This allows you to easily view and modify local configuration in any site where MIR is installed. The Governance Hub also shows where all of the instances of MIR are installed.

Governance Hub is a mandatory prerequisite for installing MIR. For more information, see Governance Hub Configuration Overview. For information on installing Governance Hub, see the Installing Content Governance section for your environment (FA or PH).

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