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Release Notes

Release Date

March 28, 2024

New Features

Core Service

Internal Lists

A new feature called Internal Lists has been added for Classification Rules. This option appears in the left-hand column under the Plan tab. Users may now create custom lists of property values and use those as part of Classification Rules to have Gimmal Records search for content in a more targeted manner.

New Operator: IN

A new Operator type—the IN operator—has been added to Classification Rules. This is used to instruct a Connector for finding values in Internal Lists.

For additional information about these features, please see our Internal Lists Documentation.

LPS Performance Improvements

Enhancements have been added the Lifecycle Performance Service (LPS) to speed the processing time in large-scale environments.

SharePoint Online Connector

  • Update on-premises deployment with key security enhancements, bug fixes, and other efficiencies

Resolved Bugs and Issues

The following bugs and other issues have resolved





SharePoint Online Connector

Errors when requesting client context was not handled


SharePoint Online Connector

Queue deadlocks in retention job for sites that do not exist


SharePoint Online Connector

Retention job errors can stop processing for remaining sites


Documentum Connector

Update folder path format to show all correct values


Gimmal Records Core

Updating classification rules via API can remove Lifecycle


Gimmal Records Core

Some Inbox items could fail to load in oData feed


Gimmal Records Core

Destruction Certificates not generated in certain circumstances


Box Connector

Issue with renaming event types in certain circumstances 

End-of-Life Update

No changes have been made to the Gimmal Records EOL dates with this release. For the full list of EOL dates, please see our End-of-Life Notification Page.

With that in mind, starting in version 5.2.4, Gimmal Records will no longer support SharePoint 2013. Only versions 2016 and 2019 are currently supported in Gimmal Records 5.2.4 and above.


The installer for the updated version of all components can be found on our software download site.

Core Service

The core service can only be upgraded from versions 5.0 and above. Any previously supported versions can and must first be upgraded to version 5.0. It is recommended to stop all connectors before upgrading the core service.

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