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Internal Lists

An Internal List is set of user-defined values that can be used by a Connector to search against all properties of files in a given repository. They can be accessed under the Plan tab and are located in the left-hand column underneath the Options section.

When creating a new Internal List, you will be prompted to name the list and supply a set of values for that list:

The Properties section, as indicated in the above screenshot, must have each value listed on a separate line. Here’s an example of how that should look:

There is no limit to how many items can be contained within one list. It is also possible to paste a list of values into the Properties section, so you may draft up the list in a text editor first and then copy and paste the list into the Internal List. Likewise, lists can be edited and deleted after creation.

Using an Internal List within the Rule Builder functions similarly to building any other type of rule, but requires using the IN operator. Here’s an example of how that looks:

In this case, the Classification Rule is set up to look for any Document Types that match the values listed in the “Archive DocTypes” Internal List (as featured above). An Internal List can be used to search against any type of property that Gimmal Records has access to. Note that the Data Type must always be set to Text in order to function correctly.

Additionally, multiple Internal Lists can be used in a single Classification Rule if desired. Likewise, a single Internal List can be used across multiple Classification Rules. There are no specific limitations for Internal Lists or their use within the Rule Builder.

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