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Event Triggers

An Event Trigger is a re-usable entity that represents an event that will occur at some point in the future, which is not driven by the Repository Item’s properties. An example of an Event Trigger may be a one-time event such as the Termination of an employee or a recurring event such as Tax Year.

Event Triggers allow the generation of Event Occurrences, each containing an event date, which specifies a retention start date. Event Triggers are especially important when working with Case Based Records, since individual items do not drive retention of case records.

A few key terms to understand before creating Event Triggers are:



Event Occurrence

One instance of the Trigger.

Target Records

The records that each individual Event Occurrence will look for in order to see if a record should be assigned, therefore starting retention.

Trigger Assignment Position

Determines which Event Occurrence will be used for each record.

Event Date

The date an Event Occurrence actually took place. (ex. Hired Date).

Originated Date

The date associated with the record that will be used to compare against the event date in order to determine if a specific Event Occurrence should be used. This is also known as the Record Origin.

Target Date

A date property that can be used instead of the default Originated Date to compare against the event date.

Event Trigger Properties




Defines the unique name of the Event Trigger.


Defines the description of the Event Trigger for informational purposes.

Starting Event Date

Defines the date in which the first Event Occurrence of a trigger should be created.

Note:  Creating an event in the past will generate an occurrence at the specified interval up to the current date.


Defines the interval in which an Event Occurrence should be created beginning on Next Event Date.  This is a drop-down, and the available options are:

  • Manual
  • Once
  • Daily
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

Assignment Position

Defines how (Link) event occurrences are selected for a Record. This is a drop-down, and the available options are:

  • Nearest Occurrence After Target Date
  • Nearest Occurrence Before Target Date
  • Nearest Occurrence To Target Date

Target Date Property Name

Defines a different date to use, instead of the records' Originated Date, to use to compare against the event date, to determine if retention should begin. If this property is left blank, Originated Date is used.

Creating an Event Trigger

  1. Select Plan from the Main Menu.

  2. Select Triggers from the left navigation menu.

  3. Click Event Trigger. The Create Event Trigger dialog opens.

  4. Enter the desired Event Trigger Properties.

  5. Click Create.

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