Login to your Azure Portal.

Navigate to Azure Active Directory and click App Registrations.

Select the app registration used for Gimmal Cloud connectivity (possibly named M365 Access via Graph).

  • You may need to select All applications.
  • If one has not been created, please follow Configuring Graph API.

Upload Certificate

Click Certificates & secrets in the left navigation.

Click Upload certificate.

In the right drawer, click Select a file.

Select the .crt file that was created in (5.2.3) Generate Self-Signed Certificate.

Click Add.

Verify the Thumbprint, Start date, and Expires.

Configure Permissions

Click API permissions in the left navigation.

Click Add a permission.

In the right drawer, click SharePoint.

Click Application permissions.

Select Sites.FullControl.All, then click Add permissions.

Click Grant admin consent for {Your Tenant}.

Click Yes.