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Inbox Status Indicators

The Inbox has status indicators that display for each item in the Inbox, which indicates one or more statuses associated with the item. The illustration below shows items that have the Expired, Automatic, and Awaiting Approval status indicators.

The following list described the status indicators that might display for an item:

Status Indicator



Retention expiration date has been reached for the current phase. Approving and submitting these records will execute the current action and move the item to the next phase.

Nearing Expiration

Retention expiration date is within some configured duration (default 30 days). Approving these records will only mark them for approval. Approving these records will NOT cause execution on the phase until the phase actually expires.


Action will be carried out by the system without user interaction, once approved.


Action must be performed through manual user interaction.

Awaiting Approval

Item is waiting for approval before action can be carried out. This indicator will be combined with either Nearing Expiration or Expired.

System Action

Indicates that the action is not from its lifecycle, but generated by the system to initiate some action (i.e. Legal Hold) - only visible in Inbox upon failure. System Action never requires approval.

Automation Failure

Execution of action failed on the connector. Action is available for retry.


Item represents a case file, which consists of multiple items that are going through a lifecycle as a unit.

Awaiting Completion

Manual action waiting for a user to mark that it has been completed.

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