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User Guide for Gimmal Records Connector

Electronic and physical records can now use a single file plan with the Gimmal Records Connector. Changes in Gimmal Records will automatically populate record schedules in Gimmal Physical.


  • Record Schedules in Physical synced with any changes in Records Lifecycles

    • All required fields mapped as Read-Only in Physical

    • Approved users can still make and use records schedules in Physical

  • Manual update with status & ‘Run Now’ options


  • •Actions supported: Dispose and Delete, Permanent

  • •Date based retention Only

  • •Single phase only


Navigate to Admin | Application Settings to configure the values for the Gimmal Records Connector.

  • Gimmal Records Username - Service account with access to Gimmal Records

  • Gimmal Records Password - Password for the Service Account that has access to Gimmal Records

  • Gimmal Records URL - URL of the instance of Gimmal Records for this client

  • Update Schedules from Gimmal Records - Run Now - button used to start a synchronization and update. Clicking this button will:

    • Add new record schedules from Gimmal Records to Gimmal Physical which match the criteria

    • Update existing Record Schedules in Gimmal Physical with changes made in Gimmal Records.

    • Mark records schedules as obsolete if they have been deleted from Gimmal Records and have boxes associated with them in Gimmal Physical.

  • Gimmal Records Schedule Sync Status - The status of the last run of the Gimmal Records Connector.

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