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Synonym Support

Gimmal Physical supports finding items by alternate names or descriptions. There are two aspects to supporting Synonyms - relating the items that are synonyms to one another and finding those values. To cover a variety of use cases, Gimmal offers both synonym list value controls and synonym tabs.

  • Synonym List control is helpful if you wish to have related values in a single list with no extra data required.

  • Synonym Tab is recommended if you need additional fields to help define the individual values (e.g. region)

  • This functionality is not available in versions below 3.15.

  • Both Synonym options require advanced configuration in addition to the steps below - they cannot be enabled via the user interface alone.

Synonym List

After enabling Gimmal Physical to use Synonym List values in the advanced configuration, the Synonym List will appear as lists to modify in the Admin | List Values page. When chosen from the dropdown of ‘Lists to modify', additional options are used to declare values of the list as ‘dependent’ on the key or ‘Master’ value. Any records with list values that are related to one another through the master/dependent relationship will be found and returned together as part of the same search.


Managing Synonyms

  1. Select the list that was created as a Synonym List (A)

  2. Add all values into the list individually using the ‘Value to Add’ form and clicking ‘Add’ B)

  3. To choose the ‘Master’ or key value:

    1. Select a synonym from the list of values. (C)

    2. Choose the key value from the list of values, under the ‘Master Value’ heading. (D)

    3. Click the ‘Set Master’ button. (E)

  4. Repeat for each dependent value.

To remove the relationship between two values:

  1. Select the dependent value

  2. Choose itself or another item in the list for the master value from the list of items (D)

  3. Click ‘Set Master’ (E)

  • No value can be removed from a list if it is in use in a record.

  • A value is its own master if none is set for it.

  • When selecting a master value from the values, its dependent values will appear in the ‘Dependent Values’ box.

  • There can only be one Synonym list value control per tab.

Searching for Synonyms

The values selected in the synonym list can be searched like any other list field in the search fields. The only difference is that if any of the related values are responsive to the search criteria, they all will be returned.

Synonym as a Tab

The Synonym tab appears after enabling the functionality in the advanced configuration. The fields on this tab are highly dependent on the chosen configuration, but the linked tab (Product, in the example below) will be one of the associated fields.

Creating the Synonyms


To create synonyms, the core values must first be added on the associated Tab (e.g. Product = Asprin). When creating a new set of synonyms for that product:

  1. Create a new value on the Synonyms tab,

  2. Choose the Product which needs the Synonyms (A)

  3. Add all associated synonyms in the ‘Synonym Name’ field. (B)

    1. Multiple values should be separated by a comma

  4. If other fields are present (e.g. Organization or Region), select the appropriate values to associate with these synonyms. (C)

  5. Click one of the ‘Save’ options to save the product/synonym relationship. (D)

Searching for Synonyms

Any synonyms associated with the item via the Synonyms tab can be found for any item with related values. In the example below, Product is a property for the File tab. Any file record whose product is listed as one of the synonyms will be returned as part of a quick search for the Product field.


  • Gimmal Physical currently supports only a single Synonym Tab related to a single item.

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