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Working with Provisioning Definitions

A Provisioning definition is a set of configuration options that are defined through the Provisioning Administration interface and stored in the Provisioning definitions list in the site where Provisioning was installed. The Provisioning Administration Dashboard is used to create and manage Provisioning definitions.

There are two types of Provisioning definitions: those for a Site and those for a Site Collection. Site Provisioning definitions are used when a new site is requested. Site Collection Provisioning definitions are used when a new site collection is requested.

Sites or site collections that were created using Provisioning and that are listed in the Provisioning Request list can be updated using a Provisioning definition.Before users can provision a site or a site collection, a SharePoint Administrator must create and configure Provisioning definitions. The following sections provide information on definition prerequisites, and how to create, edit, delete, import, and export definitions using the Provisioning Administration Dashboard. The Dashboard is the landing page for the Provisioning application, and is where you perform any tasks related to Provisioning definitions.

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