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Centralized Product Configuration Management

Governance Hub's primary role is to provide a common approach to implementing global application governance across Gimmal products. It allows you to perform the following tasks from a single location:

  • Create, apply, and manage global configuration data for Gimmal products. You can choose to apply the same global configuration data to all instances of a given product, or you can choose to apply different global configuration data to groups of installed instances.
  • Prevent or allow configuration data to be changed for managed applications at instantiated locations.
  • Extract configuration data for replication to installed Gimmal software across environments. (i.e., Dev > Test > QA > Prod)
  • Track the location, type, and version of installed products throughout your environment.

You can drill down on any installed product from the Governance Hub Dashboard to display detailed configuration information about that product. For example, the following screenshot shows the configuration page for Gimmal's Provisioning application. The information below describe each of the main sections on the product configuration page.

Product Information
The Product Information area displays the product name and description.

Global Configuration
The Global Configuration area displays information about the available Global Configuration Groups. Products that do not have any configurable settings display the message, "This component does not have any configurable settings." The available Global Configuration Groups vary by product. Products that support only a single set of global configuration data display only the All Sites Global Configuration Group. Products that support multiple Global Configuration Groups display all groups. The groups display in priority order. The following information displays for each Global Configuration Group:

  • Global Configuration Group Name – Contains the name of the group.
  • Actions – Contains an ellipsis menu with available actions.
  • Regular Expression Value – Contains a regular expression (regex) pattern or full URL that describes which site(s) belong to this Global Configuration Group.
  • Configured – Contains the configuration status of the group. Checkmark indicates that the group is configured

Installed Locations
The Installed Location area displays information about each installed instance of the product. Each instance attempts to self-register with the Governance Hub when it is installed in a site. During that process, the Installed Locations list is updated. In addition, the Governance Hub periodically scans all sites in the Site Collections list and reconciles the Installed Locations list against the installed instances found during the scan. The following information displays for each installed instance:

  • Site Name – Contains the name of the site where the instance is installed.
  • Actions – Contains an ellipsis menu with available actions.
  • Site URL – Contains the URL of the site where the instance is installed.
  • Type – Contains the type of product installed. Possible values are: Provider-Hosted and Feature-Activated.
  • Platform – Contains the platform description where the instance is installed. Possible values are: On-premises and O365.
  • Subscribed – Contains the subscription status of the installed instance. If you want the instance to be governed by the Governance Hub, it must be subscribed. An instance that is subscribed is governed by the configuration data contained in the Global Configuration Group to which it belongs. An instance that is not subscribed is not governed. A checkmark indicates that the instance is subscribed. Default is checked.

Global Configuration Group – Contains the name of the Global Configuration Group to which this instance belongs. The instance is governed by the indicated Global Configuration Group's configuration data. An instance is a member of the first Global Configuration Group where both of the following conditions are met:

  • The Site URL matches the Global Configuration Group's Regular Expression Value
  • The Global Configuration Group's Configured column is checked

An installed instance is governed only when its Subscribed column is checked and its Global Configuration Group column contains a Global Configuration Group name.

  • Version – Contains the installed product instance's version number.

You can also use Governance Hub to set a product's Local Installation settings to be overrideable or non-overrideable. See each specific product's Configuration Guide for information on these settings.

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