User roles allow you to determine what privileges an employee will have when they login to the Discover dashboard. Discover supports two types of roles, system roles and custom roles.

Some of the role functionality described in this section is dependent upon the Gimmal Discover subscription level. For example, the system role eDiscovery Reviewer is only applicable if a subscription includes the eDiscovery module.

System Roles

These roles are pre-defined in Discover and are not modifiable by a customer. They include:

  • Administrator - provides full control over all of the Discover functionality

  • Discovery Reviewer - provides access to the eDiscovery module only. Allows search results to reviewed and labeled for collection purposes. Other module features are limited to ‘view only’ access

  • Policy Administrator - provides full access to the Data Governance module and limited access to features in the Administration module. Administration module access is limited to features related to Data Governance policies (i.e. data target searches, group management, Connector setup, etc.)

  • User - provides ‘view only’ access to any Gimmal Discover module that is included in the subscription

Custom Roles

This feature allows administrators to create User Roles that provide specific privileges dictated by their organizational needs. To begin, click on the Administration module link at the top of the dashboard then select the Roles link found in the User Setup area of the left navigation

Hover over the green Action button and select Add to begin creating a new role. Enter a name for the new role, then select the modules that this role should have access to by checking the on/off boxes.

  • Data Governance, Classification, eDiscovery, Analytics and Administration - these options permit access to the modules shown at the top of the dashboard

  • Settings - check this box to allow access to the Discover settings (pink gear shaped icon) found in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard

  • Logs - check this box to indicate that the role should allow access to the green log file link shown in the upper right hand corner of the Discover dashboard

  • Modules - check this box if the role should have access to the Administration module of Discover

After checking the ‘on’ box for a module, click the ellipses (…) link to select the specific privileges for that module. Clicking a specific privilege will toggle that privilege on for the role. After configuring the desired privileges, click the Add button to save the selections. The following sections provide more detail on the privileges available in each module.

Data Governance






Allows the policy list to be viewed


Allows policies to be created


Allows policies to be deleted


Allows policies to be started


Allows the Discover Workflow Editor application to connect to the tenant to create or modify workflows


Modify Summary

Allows the modification of summary reports


Allows reports to be viewed


Allows changes to be made to report content. For setting a label on a report row.


Allows the creation of summary reports


Allows reports to be deleted

View Summary

Allows summary reports to be viewed

Policy Settings

Update Settings

Allows access to the policy tab in the Discover settings area