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Summary Reports

The Summary Reports link in the Data Governance module allows you to view summaries that were created either manually from the Reports section or automatically by a workflow. In the grid display for summary reports a small icon labeled 'chart available' will appear if the summary includes a pie chart. The charting option may be specified when the report is being created in a workflow. Selecting this icon will permit viewing the chart.

The toolbar options are:

  • Common

    • Select All - Select all policies

    • Clear All - Clear selection of all policies

    • Reset Grid - Reset the view back to the default, such as all columns being viewable

    • Export to CSV - Export the list of policies to a CSV file

    • Refresh Grid - Reload the grid showing any changes

  • Action

    • Edit - Modify the grouping options used to generate the summary

    • Delete - Delete a summary report and all of the data that was collected to generate it

    • View Summary - View a summary report

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