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Getting Started with Workflow Builder

Download and install the connector

Begin by downloading the Workflow Builder.

When you run the downloaded installer, a setup wizard will guide you through the installation process.

Connect to the online service

Before opening or saving workflows you will need to connect to the online service. From the menu select Edit | Options.

  • Customer ID: The customer ID you use to login to Discover.

  • WS URL:

Select OK to save.

Template Workflows

While it is possible to create new workflows from scratch, it is often easier to start with a template workflow. Templates can be found in the Data Governance area of the Discover dashboard. To view the available templates select the Workflows link in Data Governance then click the Action button and select Import.

This will lead to a list of the predefined workflow templates that are available. When reviewing the list please note that they are specific to a particular data source type (i.e. File Path, EWS Store, etc.).

Importing one of these templates will add it to your Discover tenant database so it can be opened from the workflow builder application. Importing workflow is a simple process, click the selection box to the left of the workflow that you wish to add, hover over the Action button then select Import.

The template workflow will now show up in your workflows list in the Discover dashboard and will be available in the Workflow Builder application by clicking File/Open From/ Web.

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