Download and install the connector

Begin by downloading the Workflow Builder.

When you run the downloaded installer, a setup wizard will guide you through the installation process.

Connect to the online service

Before opening or saving workflows you will need to connect to the online service. From the menu select Edit | Options.

  • Customer ID: The customer ID you use to login to Altitude.

  • WS URL:

Select OK to save.

Open a Sample Workflow

While it is possible to create new workflows from scratch, it is recommended you start with a sample workflow.

  1. Select File | Open From | Samples from the menu

  2. Select the one you wish to review or modify and select OK.

  3. Modify the workflow for your needs. For detailed help, check out the Workflow Builder topics.

  4. Once your modifications are complete, select File | Save To | Web

Your new workflow is now ready to use with a policy.