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Data Target Searches

Data Target Searches are automated processes that locate file paths, mailboxes, PST files, online archives, people, and devices across your environment to be managed by Discover. Agents perform searches for Data Targets that have been configured and assigned to the connector on the same machine where the agent is installed. The agent will periodically perform each search and send the results (or errors) to the web site. You can review the searches performed by an agent in its daily service log.

Adding A Data Target Search

To create and view searches to be performed by agents associated connectors, browse to Administration → Connectors, then hover over the green Action button and select Searches.

On the Searches window, select the green Action button and select Add. A window will be displayed with a drop-down list allowing you to select the type of data target search you would like to create.

Data Target Search Options

Depending on the type of search, the window will change to display the appropriate options. Some options will be common among all types:

  • Name - The name given to this search as it will appear in the list of searches

  • Search By - determines what connector will run a search. Select all connectors, a specific connector, or a connector category (i.e., all desktops).

  • Comment - A general field for your own usage

  • Enable Search - Whether or not to enable the search on this connector

  • Perform search every - How frequently to perform the search

  • Must run once - Forces the data target search to run once and never again. Especially useful when running on a large volume of desktops, or other scenarios where you don’t expect the data target to change.

The data target search may have additional tabs or fields specific to the type of content you are searching. For example, a SharePoint data target search has an option for the base URL to start with.

The example below shows a Windows file path data target search. Note the second tab which allows you to specify which drives (all drives, all fixed drives, removable, etc.) as part of the criteria.

Data target searches are automatically run on a periodic basis. You can specify the frequency by either setting the ‘Perform search every’ option to a specific number of hours (the default 168 is weekly) or by using the Schedules tab to define exactly when your data target searches should be initiated.

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