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All Tagged Reports

The All Tagged Reports link in the Data Governance module allows you to view Data Owner reports that have had items labeled by the Owner. In the normal process, a workflow generates reports and Data Owners receive an email alerting them that they have items requiring review. That email contains a link where the Data Owner may login via an SSO session to review their items and attach a label indicating what action to take on each item (for example, Delete or perhaps Archive). Once the Data Owner has applied those labels, the report will be included in this view.

These reports will also show in the Policy Reports view, however this dedicated view will show only the Data Owner reports with activity.

The toolbar options are:

  • Common

    • Select All - Select all policies

    • Clear All - Clear selection of all policies

    • Reset Grid - Reset the view back to the default, such as all columns being viewable

    • Export to CSV - Export the list of policies to a CSV file

    • Refresh Grid - Reload the grid showing any changes

  • Action

    • Edit - Modify the grouping options used to generate the summary

    • Delete - Delete a summary report and all of the data that was collected to generate it

    • View Summary - View a summary report

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