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Uninstall SharePoint Server Connector

To ensure a clean uninstall of the SharePoint Connector, perform the following steps depending on the version of SharePoint Server.

SharePoint 2016 and above

  1. Open SharePoint Management Shell.

  2. Import the Gimmal SharePoint Connector PowerShell Module (see PowerShell Section).

  3. Execute Remove-RecordsManagerServices to delete and unregister any Gimmal SharePoint Connector Service Applications.

  4. Open Central Administration.

  5. Navigate to Central Administration > System Settings > Manage Farm Features.

  6. Deactivate the Gimmal SharePoint Connector feature.

  7. Navigate to Central Administration > System Settings > Manage Farm Solutions.

  8. Click gimmal.records.sharepoint.connector.wsp and gimmal.records.sharepoint.core.wsp.

  9. Select Retract Solution and click OK.

  10. Click recordsmanager.sharepoint.wsp.

  11. Select Remove Solution and click OK.

  12. Open Services MMC.

  13. Right-click SharePoint Timer Service and choose Restart.

  14. Right-click App Fabric Caching Service and choose Restart.

  15. Open a command prompt.

  16. Execute command IIS Reset.

  17. Open directory %windir%\assembly and search for any assemblies beginning with “RecordLion.RecordsManager*”.

  18. Delete any assemblies found.

  19. Open directory %windir%\Microsoft.NET\assembly.

  20. Delete any assemblies beginning with RecordLion.RecordsManager…”.

  21. After reboot of the servers, re-verify that all DLLs were properly deleted. If they were not, repeat the steps (copies of the DLLs can sometimes be cached in a TEMP folder and are not able to be deleted because they are locked by a process).

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