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The Exceptions area is used to show a list of anomalies that may happen during the disposition process.  If for some reason the connectors are not able to reconcile a disposition action, an exception will be shown in this area.  These reasons could be:

  • A connector did not have the appropriate permission to take the necessary action.  This is often the case when a connector was not configured with permission to move or delete a file.
  • The file could not be found by the connector.  While the connectors are designed to reconcile when records may exist in the system, but the associated content is no longer available, it is possible for this to happen given the right circumstances.

Retry Automation

There are two options available when an exception happens; retry or complete.  Retry Automation will remove the exception and inform the connector to try the action again. 

Before retrying, you should work with the owner or administrator of the content to try and understand why the connector failed to complete the action.  Typically this is a permission issue of some type, however, some data sources may have the ability to lock the content in a way that blocks a connector from taking action


Complete will remove the exception and take no further action.

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