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A Retention represents a reusable entity that defines a time period from an associated Trigger. It is used to represent regulation or policy that refers to some duration. One or more Retentions are used to build a Lifecycle.

Retention Properties




Defines the unique name of the Retention


Defines the description of the Retention for informational purposes


Defines the Authority for which the Retention has been defined. For example, this may be the Policy Number or the Tax Code.


Defines the associated Trigger, which defines what triggers the retention timer


Defines the numeric value, which represents how long the Time Period of the Retention lasts

Time Period

Defines how the Interval is to be interpreted

Supported values are:

  • Day(s)

  • Month(s)

  • Year(s)

Creating a Retention

  1. Select Plan from the Main Menu.

  2. Select Retentions from the left navigation menu.

  3. Click Create. The Create Retention dialog opens.

  4. Enter the desired Retention Properties.

  5. Click Create.

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