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Release Notes

Release Date

June 5, 2023

This release comprises bug fixes to the SharePoint Server Connector.

Resolved Bugs and Issues

The following bugs and other issues have resolved





SharePoint Server Connector

Fixed an issue where on-premises SharePoint environments were unable to upgrade to the latest version of Gimmal Records if one or more servers were using the Search or Distributed Cache MinRoles.


SharePoint Server Connector

Fixed an issue where on-premises SharePoint environments with one or more servers using the Search or Distributed Cache MinRole would cause the SharePoint Connector Service Application to be deleted when applying SharePoint Cumulative updates.


SharePoint Server Connector

The Gimmal SharePoint Connector Incremental Classification Job now correctly processes its internal site change token incrementally.

Known Issues

In certain situations, when performing an upgrade to Gimmal Records 5.2.4, the SharePoint Connector Installer may appear to be frozen on the Deploying Farm Solutions step. To proceed, simply click the Next button and the installation upgrade should complete.

The Gimmal Records Core Service (and Manager Web) will incorrectly display version number 5.2.3. This will be resolved at a later date.

End-of-Life Update

No changes have been made to the Gimmal Records EOL dates with this release. For the full list of EOL dates, please see our End-of-Life Notification Page.

With that in mind, Gimmal Records 5.2.4 and above will no longer support SharePoint 2013. Only versions 2016 and 2019 are currently supported in Gimmal Records 5.2.4 and above.


The installer for the updated version of all components can be found on our software download site.

Core Service

The core service can only be upgraded from versions 5.0 and above. Any previously supported versions can and must first be upgraded to version 5.0. It is recommended to stop all connectors before upgrading the core service.

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