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Destruction Certificates

The Destruction Certificates option, in the left navigation menu, displays a list of the Destruction Certificates that have been generated. A Destruction Certificate is evidence that information has been securely destroyed. Destruction Certificates are generated for Record Classes that have the Destruction Certificate property enabled. The Destruction Certificate report lists all certificates by default. The report can be filtered by Record Class, Approver, or Date.

To generate a Destruction Certificate, ensure the following:

  • You must enable the Destruction Certificate property on the Create/Edit Record Class dialog. For more information, see Record Class Properties.

  • The disposition action of the lifecycle must require approval.

If you click on the ellipsis (...) for a certificate, you will see the Destruction Certificate Details as shown below. The View as Report option launches the Destruction Certificate Details Report in the Reporting section and allows exporting of the certificate in a variety of formats.

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