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Migration Utility

The Migration Utility for Records Management is used to perform the following Migrate and Import functions:

  1. Migrate the following from one Records Management Server to another:

    • Classification rules

    • Record Classes

    • Lifecycles

    • Retentions

    • Triggers

    • Holds

  2. Import the following from an Excel-based File Plan:

    • Record Classes

    • Lifecycles

    • Retentions

    • Triggers

The migration utility does not support import/migration of Physical Records and containers.

Running the Migration Utility

Open the Migration Utility

Open the Migration UtilityTo open the Migration Utility, navigate to the directory selected during installation, and double-click Gimmal.RecordsManager.Migrate.exe. The default installation directory is:

C:\Program Files\Gimmal\Records Management\Migration

Conversely, you can open the Migration Utility from the Windows Start menu by selecting Gimmal Migration Utility.

Welcome Screen

When the application first opens, you will be presented with the Migration Utility Welcome screen. From here, you can select which function you would like to perform.

Select one of the following options, then select a Connection Type, and click Next.

  1. (5.2.4) Migrate

  2. (5.2.4) Import

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