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Custom Metadata and Templates

Physical Records Management enables you to create custom metadata fields with specific data types, add them to templates, which can then be associated with containers and assets. These custom metadata fields enable you to label an item with customized information that doesn't fit into any of the existing properties.

When associated with assets, the custom metadata will become part of the records and available for use in rules throughout the core Records Management product.

Custom Metadata

The following data types are available for Custom Metadata properties:

  • Date

  • Choice (drop-down)

  • Choice (multiple)

  • Number

  • Single line of text

  • True/False

To manage custom metadata, select Physical from the main menu and then Custom Metadata from the navigation menu:

From here you can create new metadata by selecting +Create, or edit an existing property using the dropdown menu on the right side of any existing property.


Templates allow the creation of sets of Custom Metadata to group together and add to either Containers or Assets.  Templates are available directly below Custom Metadata on the Navigation menu.

To create a new Templates follows the steps below:

  1. Select +Create from the top left of the page and enter a unique Template name
  2. Use the dropdown to select the Custom Metadata you want to add, then click the Add button

  3. Remove or rearrange the properties as necessary

  4. Click the Create button

Delete Templates

Templates that are in use on either Containers or Assets cannot be removed.

Adding Custom Metadata to Containers and Assets.

When creating or editing Container or Assets, the ability to add a Template is available at the bottom of the window:

You can add as many Templates as necessary, and remove any that are no longer needed.  Once added, the metadata will be available to populate.

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