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Release Notes

Documentum Connector

  • Implemented clickable DRL Links.

  • Implemented URI Levels for Documents via Webtop.

SharePoint Online Connector

  • Retry count increments correctly.

  • Refactored retry logic.

  • Added ELMAH logs for cloud customers.

  • Corrected error while getting file during retention.

  • Retention jobs now will not stop as a result of an exception raised.

  • Fixed updates for expired change tokens.

  • Ability to explicitly specify whether a SharePoint Library should be crawled or ignored

  • Ability to configure the number of workers and the batch sizes for retention jobs.

  • The connector is no longer limited to 5,000 items (List View Threshold)

Bug Fixes





Gimmal Records Core

Failed actions now reliably appear on the Exceptions page.


Gimmal Records Core

Removed error when changing pages and searching for a user on the Permissions dialog for a Record Class.


Gimmal Records Core

Users with single quotes can be searched on the Users page.


Gimmal Records Core

Users with single quotes can’t add requests or returns to assets in PRM


Gimmal Records Core

Users can no longer classify a Record into a Closed Case File.


Gimmal Records Core

Action items are now removed for any records when removing their Lifecycle from a Record Class.


Gimmal Records Core

Removed unnecessary modal when deleting a Record Class.


Gimmal Records Core

Rejected Inbox items remain rejected if lifecycle changes on Record Class.


Gimmal Records Core

When a rule set is changed, Permission Group Rules are changed correctly.


Gimmal Records Core

When Inbox Items are submitted for approval, physical records are not submitted as well for approval.


Gimmal Records Core

Only System Admins and the master 'Administrator' account can now create or edit Record Filters.


Gimmal Records Core

Bulk Manual Classifications are not logged with Audit Entries.


Gimmal Records Core

Inbox View filter once cleared is not being saved correctly.


Gimmal Records Core

Various guards against SQL Injection added.


Gimmal Records Core

Deleting Records now deletes associated preservation copies as well.


Gimmal Records Core

Case file titles sometimes caused NullReferenceException


Gimmal Records Core

Several File Plan Editor issues


Gimmal Records SDK

GetRecordsForRecordClass returns all Record Classes.


SharePoint Online Connector

For Crawl / No Crawl, “Remove Records” Post Action Override now triggers for libraries with spaces in them.


SharePoint Online Connector

For Crawl / No Crawl, the validation message displays the correct SharePoint domain name instead of “Local” in the single-tenant context.


SharePoint Online Connector

For Crawl / No Crawl, the create dialog no longer freezes on its initial load when an exception is raised.


SharePoint Online Connector

Exceptions raised during the classification of a site no longer end processing for the entire site.


SharePoint Online Connector

Records with special characters can now be reliably locked.


SharePoint Online Connector

Change Tokens now properly persist after being updated.

Known Issues

  • For the ability to explicitly specify whether a SharePoint Library should be crawled or ignored

    • “Remove Records” Post Action Override doesn't trigger for Libraries with spaces in them.

    • The validation message displays "Local" instead of the SharePoint domain name in the single-tenant context.

    • Create override dialog sometimes freezes on the initial load.


The installer for all components can be found on the Gimmal software download site.

Core Service

The core service can only be upgraded from version 5.1. Any previously supported version can be upgraded to 5.1.

It is recommended to stop all connectors before upgrading the core service.

End of support update

See Gimmal end of life notifications

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