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SharePoint Server Connector Configuration

The first step in configuring the SharePoint Connector involves enabling Site Collections for Records Management. The SharePoint Connector works by monitoring files within SharePoint and reporting those changes back to Records Management. Only Site Collections that have been enabled will be managed by Records Management.

To enable a Site Collection, perform the following actions in SharePoint:

  1. Open the root site of a SharePoint Site Collection.

  2. Navigate to Site Settings > Site Collection Administration > Site Collection Features.

  3. Activate the SharePoint Connector Integration feat

Using the built-in SharePoint Records Management Features when the Records Management Site Collection Integration Feature is enabled is NOT SUPPORTED. These Features must be deactivated to ensure that Records Management can effectively manage the records and information in the Site Collection.

The following search configurations must be made to allow Records Management the ability to manage content:

-Within Site Settings - 'Allow this site to appear in search results' must be set to 'Yes'.

-Within Library Settings - 'Allow items from this document library to appear in search results' must be set to 'Yes'.

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