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Physical Assets

Physical Records Management allows you to request a physical asset (for example, a box, a folder, etc.) so that you can take possession of it. Then, when you are done with the asset, you can return it so that it's available for other users.

This process is done by creating a request for a physical asset, which must be approved by the Processor/Administrator before the item is shipped to you. You can compare this to requesting a book from a library. The book may be available or not. Other users may have requested it for the same or an overlapping time frame. It is up to the Administrator to honor or refuse your request. If the request is honored, the physical asset is circulated to you, the availability status is set to "Out", and the Current location is updated to show the location/address of where the item is currently residing.

When you are ready to return the physical asset to its home location, you will submit a return. Again, the Administrator will process this request, return the physical asset to its proper location, the availability status changes to "In" and the Current location will list the home location of the item.

In order for physical assets to be requested, the following settings must be configured:

  • Allow Requests must be set to Yes on the Container.
  • Allow Requests must be set to Yes on the parent Asset, if there is one.
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