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Disposing Physical Assets

A physical record, like electronic records, need to be disposed at the end of their lifecycle.  Unlike electronic records, physical records need to be destroyed by a manual act, regardless of whether that is done by your organization or a third party storage/shredding service.

Approving Physical Records

If the final phase of a physical record is configured to be approved, then the asset will go through the same process as an electronic record.  The same rules apply, from record filters to approval groups.  Once a physical record is approved and submitted, it will still require manual intervention to complete its disposition process.

Confirming Physical Disposition

Once the asset has been submitted for disposition, it will create a task in the Physical Confirmation area to be manually completed by a records manager.  Goto Dispose → Physical Confirmation to see the Physical Confirmation area.

The Physical Confirmation area is only available for the System Admin, Global Record Manager, and Record Manager roles.

Once there is proof that the asset has been properly disposed of, your organization's record manager will need to confirm it's completion.  One or more confirmations can be completed at one time by selecting the checkboxes in the leftmost column of each record.  Clicking Complete will display a confirmation window in which you can comment and confirm that the physical record has been destroyed.

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