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Account Types

There are three types of account types available in they system; Master Account, User Account, and Service Account.

Master Account

The Master Account is a specific account that has full control over all of Records Management (not Physical Records Management) and can be used to provision new Users and Service Accounts, as well as administer any aspect of the system. This account information should be kept secure!

If you are the system administrator, you should have created the Master Account the first time you logged in.

User Account

The User Account is the typical account that is created in the system.  User accounts are given Security Roles once they are created.  In order to add a User Account, they must belong to the registered Identity Provider, such as Windows Accounts if you are using the out-of-the-box Identity Provider.

Service Account

A Service Account differs from the other account types because these accounts are created locally and not associated with the registered Identity Provider, such as Windows Accounts if using the out-of-the-box Identity Provider.

The purpose of a Service Account is to have an account that can be used from the various Connectors or any Third-Party Services that will be communicating with Records Management.

As a best practice, you should create a separate Service Account for each Connector that will be used. This will make it easier to identify a specific Connector’s related activity within the system. Service Accounts possess a high level of rights within the system and should be kept secure.

When you enter your Service Account credentials, the Service Account username format depends on whether or not you are connecting the Gimmal Cloud for Records Management. If the Giimmal Cloud is being used, the username format is: {service account name}@{tenant domain} (e.g., or, otherwise, the format is just: {service account name}. For more information, see Directing the Connector to Records Management.

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