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Applying FileNet Property Settings

When you install FileNet Services, a WAR file is deployed as part of the process. Additionally, an "" file is included as part of the deployment process. The "" file provides property settings for the FileNet runtime. The FileNet Connector requires these property settings. To update the settings in this file, navigate to the "" file located at <TOMCAT INSTALLATION DIRECTORY>\webapps\filenet-rest\WEB-INF\classes, and edit the file. The following section lists the properties and values.

Application.Properties File Properties and Values

The " file" includes critical settings that are required for FileNet Services to reach a FileNet server. The following table includes the properties available in the "" file and a description of the values:




The link to the FileNet web services instance


The location of the FileNet Connector web services  (This value needs to be entered as-is.)


The preferred port number (Default is 8888.)

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