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Reporting Tool

Version: 1.0 and above (Not compatible with the cloud version)


Records Management contains a built-in report designer tool for use only with the Records Management SQL Server database. The reporting engine, user interface, and designer are licensed to you from a third-party tool called Telerik Reporting. You are free to use the designer on the server, or make a copy of the designer executable for use on client machines, as long as the reports are only used by Records Management by copying the custom reports to the appropriate server location defined in this documentation. See Reporting Licensing for more information.

While this section outlines the usage of the reporting tool, Telerik provides complete documentation on their reporting tool at:

In addition to the ability to create custom reports, there are 20+ standard reports that are included. Any user with the appropriate permission can run the standard reports or the custom reports. There are two report formats:

Report Format



These reports are built-in and will always show in the Reports section. These are pre-defined reports that are created with Visual Studio, compiled and DLL-based. They cannot be edited. There are 20+ compiled reports included.


These are reports that are created with the Report Designer Tool and are considered Declared Reports. They are XML-based (.trdx extension) and can be edited. There are not any custom reports included.

Reporting Licensing

In conformance with the End User License Agreement for Records Management, you are also licensed to use the Report Designer Program as part of Records Management. You can use the Report Designer with the following restrictions:

  • You may not distribute or use the software for any purpose other than using the Records Management database as the data source.

  • Users may only view reports using the Records Management web application; you may not disassemble the code, or attempt in any manner to reconstruct, discover, reuse or modify any source code or underlying algorithms of the Software.For avoidance of doubt, you are not permitted to use the Report Designer Program, or any portions thereof, for software development or application development purposes unless you also purchase a separate commercial license from Telerik for each of the users.

Report Life Cycle

Understanding the report life cycle is crucial to effectively using Telerik Reporting. See the link below for a detailed explanation on the life cycle.

Report Deployment

To view a custom report within Records Management, the report needs to be deployed.

  1. Deploy the report by copying the .trdx files to all Records Management servers in the farm. They should be deployed to the same location as the Telerik Report Designer executables.

    • %program files%/gimmal/information lifecycle/web/reports

  2. Deploy the Report Descriptor File (Optional). By default, the report will display as the same name as the .trdx file. This is not very user friendly, so Records Management provides the ability to create a Report Descriptor File with additional report information. This is not part of the Telerik product; this is an added feature provided by Records Management.

    • The Report Descriptor File should have the same name as the .trdx file, except it will have an .xml extension.

    • It should be copied to the same location at the .trdx file.

    • The format of the Report Descriptor File is shown below:

      <report> <name> Custom Report Name </name> <description> This is an example of a Custom Report created with the Standalone Report Designer </description> </report>

Database Schema for Reporting

When creating a custom report, you will need to define queries that go directly against the Information Lifecycle database. When defining these queries in a local installation, many of the tables and fields are self-evident. If assistance is needed in writing a custom report, please contact Gimmal to discuss a Premier Services engagement.

Please submit a Support Ticket requesting this information if desired.

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