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V4.61 Release Notes

Release Date

December 2018

New Features

The following features have been added to Records Management for this release:

  • Added a new checkbox on the SharePoint Online Connector Register page that enables you to limit the scope of the Full Classification Job so that it only runs for that specific web.

  • Added a new Info/Help menu option to the Records Management Main Menu. This option directs you to the Records Management online help.

Bug Fixes

The following fix has been made to Records Management for this release:

Known Issues

Listed below are the known issues for this release of Records Management:

  • Upgrading the SharePoint Online Connector Add-In to a web in a Site Collection that has the Add-In installed on another web causes a "same version" error message. Workaround: Uninstall the Add-In on existing webs and then reinstall it.

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