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V4.6 Release Notes

Release Date

October 2018

Additions/New Features

Added a new feature called Physical Records Management to manage physical resources. Its key benefits include:

  • Maximizes compliance by managing both physical and electronic records and information within the same system

  • Improves visibility by managing and tracking litigation and audit holds throughout your organization from a single dashboard

  • Reduces risk with a two-stage disposition process and real-time status of physical assets

  • Retires legacy physical management systems for a modern physical management system that provide s complete control and visibility

For more information, see the Physical Records Management overview.

Bug Fixes

The following fixes have been made to Records Management:

  • Gimmal Cloud SharePoint Online Connector: New app settings are not being picked up. Refer to Support Tickets 17165, 17077.

  • Records Management Core: No approval appears in the Inbox when triggering manual events using "Specific Case File" for Event Occurrence Target on case file. Refer to Support Ticket 17279.

  • Records Management Core Migration Utility: Client web API missing "GenerateDestructionCerts" reference. Refer to Support Ticket 17178.

Known Issues

Listed below are the known issues for Records Management Core and Physical Records Management.

Records Management Core

This section describes issues that users of Records Management Core may encounter, as well as possible workarounds for these issues (if available):

  • None

Physical Records Management

This section describes issues that users of Physical Records Management may encounter, as well as possible workarounds for these issues (if available):


The following items have been removed from Records Management:

  • Removed the legacy containers from Records Management Core, to be superseded by containers in Physical Records Management

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