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V4.6.6 Release Notes

Release Date

October 2019

New Features/Changes 

The following features/changes have been made to Records Management for this release. 

Physical Records Management 

  • Local groups will no longer appear in Owner’s field drop down on Asset Create/Edit/Copy forms 

SharePoint Connector 

  • Improved the handling of audit entries to mark user as “”unknown” when the user associated with the entry was not found (Ticket 19261)

Bug Fixes

The following fixes have been made to Records Management for this release: 

Records Management (Core) 

  • Fixed issue where Approaching Phase Expiration for Record Class report did not display all values correctly (Ticket 19269)

Physical Records Management 

  • Fixed issue when dragging and dropping custom metadata during template creation made the object disappear. 

  • Had to disable drag and drop to prevent from happening, with a goal of adding it back in at a future date (Ticket 19328) 

  • Fixed issue where security groups where not working correctly with containers (Ticket 19316) 

  • Fixed issue with API method CreateAssetCustomMetadata (Ticket 19324, Ticket 19298) 

  • Fixed issue when navigating to a child assets URL (Ticket 19297) 

  • Fixed issue where custom metadata templates will not load in IE 11 (Ticket 19286)  

  • Fixed issue where copies failed when there was already a barcode value

SharePoint Online Connector 

  • Fixed an issue where the transfer action was failing on case records (Ticket 19277) 

  • Fixed an issue when one inactive site would stop the full crawl on other sites

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