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V4.6.2 Release Notes

Release Date

March 2019

New Features/Changes

The following features/changes have been made to Records Management for this release.

Records Management (Core)

  • Added support for the French language.

  • Added the FileNet (P8) Connector.

Physical Records Management

  • Added a new Refresh icon to the Edit Return, Edit Request, and the View Assets (Parent and Child) dialogs. The Refresh icon reloads/updates the data that displays on any of these dialogs.

  • Added a new Take Custody menu option on the Physical Assets drop-down menu. The Take Custody menu option enables an Administrator or a User with at least View permission to take "ownership" of a physical asset so they can create a return and charge the asset back into the system.

  • Added support for the French language

  • Removed the Copy Asset menu option from the Physical Assets drop-down menu.

  • Changed the Pickup Location field on the Create Return dialog from permitting you to enter a location to only permitting you to select a location from the location picker.

  • Made the Connection Configuration URL field editable. Previously, this field was not editable.

Bug Fixes

The following fixes have been made to Records Management for this release:

Records Management (Core)

  • Issue with pagination on search results. Refer to Support Ticket 18563.

Physical Records Management

  • Load issues when the custom column of type Choice had a large volume of choice values. Refer to Support Ticket 18541.

  • The URI field was pointing to the server and port that Physical Records Management was running on instead of the load balancer URI. Refer to Support Ticket 18486.

  • Long record class names would cause reports to render incorrectly. Refer to Support Ticket 18410.

SharePoint Experience (SharePoint Online Connector)

The SharePoint Online Connector is not compatible or supported with the following: 

  • SharePoint Communication Sites (Modern)

  • SharePoint Team Sites (Modern)

  • SharePoint O365 Modern Groups

  • SharePoint Teams

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