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V 4.6.4 Release Notes

Release Date

August 2019

New Features/Changes

The following features/changes have been made to Records Management for this release.

Records Management (Core)

Various improvements were made to the user experience across the product.

Physical Records Management

Added support for creating reusable Custom Metadata Templates. These Templates can be used to easily and repeatable add Custom Metadata to containers and assets. When creating a Request to charge-out assets, users can now choose to charge-out assets on behalf of another user.

SharePoint Connector

The SharePoint Connector now supports SharePoint 2019.

SharePoint Online Connector

Various improvements were made to improve the speed and reliability of the SharePoint Online Connector

Bug Fixes

The following fixes have been made to Records Management for this release.

Records Management (Core)

Added ability to use type ahead when manually assigning a Record Class to a record (Ticket 19056)

Fixed issues that caused Audit Entries to grow exponentially. (Ticket 19046, Ticket 19028, Ticket 19034, Ticket 18764)

SharePoint Connector

Fixed issue where SharePoint documents remained checked out after being transferred. (Ticket 19077)

SharePoint Online Connector

Prevent crawler from indexing hidden lists in SharePoint (Ticket 18925)

Documentum Connector

Properly handle custom types (Ticket 18994)

Improvement to the retention job to handle actions in batches (Ticket 18994)

Improved error handling and logging (Ticket 18994)

Properly handle different date formats (Ticket 18994)

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