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Records Management Core Installation (On-Premises)

Gimmal Records Management may be deployed on-premise to ensure the strictest record security and have complete control of your environment.  The installation media consists of a single ISO that contains everything necessary to install and set up Records Management and its components.

To initiate the setup process, regardless of the component, double-click the setup.hta file in the root folder of the ISO.

Setup Screen

Ensure that you run the installer as the Local Administrator.

Upon initiating setup, the Records Management splash screen launches, which provides a link to each component's respective installer.

This screen presents each installable component that is a part of the Core Platform. Click Install next to the component that you want to install. This will launch the specific installation wizard for that component.

Each of these components can be installed on the same machine or on a separate machine for scale-out scenarios.

Perform the following steps on the following pages for a successful deployment of the core platform.

  1. Pre Installation of Manager Web
  2. Installation of Manager Web
  3. Installation of Lifecycle Services
  4. Ensuring Successful Authentication with NTLM
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