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Associating Assets to a Record Class

A record class defines a named grouping in which physical assets can be assigned. Associated to this grouping, or record class, is a number of properties that define more detailed information about the asset, as well as the Lifecycle that assets that are assigned to this grouping will follow.

  1. Select Physical on the Main Menu, and then Containers on the left navigation menu. The Containers page displays.

  2. Locate the container that has the physical asset you want to associate to a record class, click the drop-down arrow on the right side, and select View Assets. The Physical Assets dialog opens.

  3. Right-click the desired asset, and select Manage Record. The Manage Record dialog opens.

  4. Click the Classification tab.

  5. Click the drop-down arrow, select the desired record class, and then click Save.

  6. Click Close to close the dialog.

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