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June 2021 Sprint 54

June 2021 Cloud Release

Release Date

June 18, 2021 (Sprint 54) Release

New Features

Gimmal E-mail Service 

For Gimmal Cloud customers who wish to receive email notifications, this Email Service is a new option that allows a customer to bypass use of their own email delivery service settings to instead utilize Gimmal's built-in email service.

When enabled this email service will be used for communications sent by Gimmal Records for our Cloud customers. 

Please ensure that if your organization has any email security settings for spam or junk notifications that you need to whitelist "".


SharePoint Online Connector Optimizations

A number of performance optimizations have been implemented in the SharePoint Online Connector.  These optimizations will enhance and address performance around incremental classification.  In addition, an automatic retry to Activate sites that have gone Inactive due to previous error has been added.  

Monitor Tab

Today the Monitor Tab in Gimmal Records provides a summary of Records by Repository and summary of Top Record Classes in use (also known as dashboard of KPIs). 

Prior to this release the information on the Monitor Tab / dashboard was updated automatically whenever the page was accessed causing performance issues reported by customers.  New for this release the Monitor Tab page is now cached and updated once every 24 hours.   If a user wishes to locate a new Record they can continue to locate the Record in real-time from the Manage Tab.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved in this release.

IDComponentDescriptionTicket #
59381SharePoint Online Connector Fixed issues with folder restores not being processed and item modifications not being processed if the items were indirectly deleted. 

Known Issues 

The following issues are known to exist at this time.

59021CoreWhen a record class has closed all records in that record class are re-assigned to another record class.None.
59540CoreIf a user filters their Dispose Inbox on a record class title that contains a # "Submit Approvals" does not work properly. Ensure your record class does not use # in the title.
59841CoreIncorrect SharePoint Online Password when deploying SharePoint Online Connector App Package results in "The App Catalog URL is invalid" message.None required.
59825CoreRecord class originated date time may be off when user changes their preference for Time Zone in "My Preferences" other than UTC may result in times not matching the current user's time.Ensure current user time preference is set to UTC.
59812CoreIf an automatic record declaration occurs on a record after it has already been declared a record (manual declaration) the Audit trail has repeating entries for "Skipped Declare Record Action".None required.
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