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July 2021 Sprint 57

July 2021 Cloud Release

Release Date

July 23, 2021 (Sprint 57) Release

New Features

This version is comprised entirely of minor bug fixes and improvements. 

There are no new features to report in this release.

Deprecated Features


Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved in this release.

IDComponentDescriptionTicket #
60629SharePoint Online Connector

Display full error message when logging updateexception from recordization api.  Improved logging in App Insights. 

60628SharePoint Online Connector

Remove obsolete code to update changeitemobjecttype

Removed code in the SPOC incremental crawl job to set the filesystemobjecttype of changeitems before reconciliation.

This code was necessary when folder changes were treated as list changes, but that is no longer the case.

60587CoreRemove code to update RSA password encryption to AES.  This code is no longer necessary.N/A.
60773SharePoint Online Connector Manage Record Dialog won't load properly with '+' character in URI.  Fixes issue where manage record dialog does not load in SharePoint Online when a record URI contains '+'.00011025
60692CoreFixed an issue where Case Files were not selectable when creating an Event Occurrence target.
60632SharePoint Online ConnectorEnsure users can always save a valid connection in SPOC web connection.
60630SharePoint Online ConnectorSet AES KeyValue for new tenants when password is saved.
61021CoreImproved logging in App Insights.

Known Issues 

The following issues are known to exist at this time.

59841SharePoint Online ConnectorWrong error message displayed for Password.  Incorrect SharePoint Online Password when deploying SharePoint Online Connector App Package results in "The App Catalog URL is invalid" message.Ensure correct password is specified.

Inbox-Error with "Submit Approvals" button if filter on "Record Class" column for a Record Class that contains #

If a user filters their Dispose Inbox on a record class title that contains a # "Submit Approvals" does not work properly. Approvals on these records work when no filter is applied.

Ensure your record class does not use # in the title.
61099SharePoint Online ConnectorPlus sign missing in multiple property values @sp.folderurl @uri @uri_level_x.  @sp.folderurl @uri @uri_level_x tokens do not contain the '+' sign when '+' sign is used in those parts of the URI in SharePoint Online.None required.
61159SharePoint Online ConnectorIncorrect @folder token value when a file is in a folder that is not in the root directory of a document library.  @folder token will display the incorrect value when the file is contained within a folder that is not in the root directory of a document library in SharePoint Online.None available.
61238CoreCase files don't leave Inbox if use "Approve & Submit" menu (Record Manager).  In certain cases, where no approvers are set for a Case-Based Record Class, Record Managers can see Case Files ready for approval in the Inbox. However, using the inbox drop-down menu item for "Approve & Submit" does not work. Add the Record Manager(s) as an approver to the Case-Based Record Class.
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