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February 2021

Release Date

February 28, 2021

User interface updates

  • Sign out moved to drop down under signed-in user
  • Main menu icons have changed
  • Inbox item on the main menu has been replaced with Dispose
  • Disposition inbox has been moved to a navigation menu under Dispose
  • Expired Records has been added as a navigation menu under Dispose
  • Rejected Records has been added as a navigation menu under Dispose
  • Physical Confirmation has been added as a navigation menu under Dispose
  • Exceptions has been added as a navigation menu under Dispose
  • Destruction Certificates has been moved from Monitor to Dispose
  • Archive has been renamed Disposed Records and moved to Dispose
  • The ability to Filter on columns has been added to the Inbox
  • The ability to Sort on Record Class and Expiration Date has been added to the Inbox
  • The ability to add and remove columns has been added to the Inbox
  • The ability to rearrange columns has been added to the Inbox
  • The ability to save and reopen views has been added to the Inbox
  • The ability to take action on items in bulk has been added to the Inbox
  • The ability to add items to a legal hold has been added to the Inbox
  • The ability to reclassify records has been added to the Inbox
  • Checking an item no longer directly approves it in the Inbox, and now requires a second mouse click
  • Dismiss has been renamed to Pause throughout the application
  • The Pause (previously Dismiss) duration when creating/editing a Lifecycle is no longer visible until the Require Approval box is checked

New features

Global Record Manager Role

This new role replaces the previous Records Manager role and gives access to records regardless of the Record Filters.  Upon upgrade, all users with Record Manager roles will be converted to Global Record Manager.  The Record Manager role going forward will be subject to Record Filters.

Records Filters

Record Filters allow records to be filtered by a specific set of rules. These filters only apply to Users and Record Managers (not Global Record Managers). They apply to all aspects of the system such as Managing Records, Disposition tasks, and Reports.

Record Filters are assigned to Record Classes, and secure records according to all the filters for a Record Classes. Filters work in an inclusive manner, meaning that once a Record Class has been assigned at least one filter, only members of that Record Filter will have access to those records. Users will continue to be bound by the permissions given to them for a specific Record Class.

Learn more about Record Filters.


The disposition inbox has been relocated to a navigation menu under the Dispose on the main menu.  The inbox no longer allows users with the Record Manager role to see items in the inbox that have an approval group they are not a member of.

Expired Records

The Expired Records area shows all records that have expired or are nearing expiration.

Rejected Records

A new feature to reject records during disposition has been created.  When a record is rejected, it will move to an area that can be accessed via the Rejected Records navigation under Dispose.  These records cannot be approved for disposition until they are reinstated.

Learn more about Rejected Records.

Physical Confirmation

Physical records that have been approved for disposition will show up under Physical Confirmation and await to be completed.  The purpose of this area is to verify that the records have been destroyed since that action cannot be taken automatically.  These verifications previously were displayed in the Inbox.


The Exceptions area shows exceptions that may have happened during the disposition process, such as not being able to remove content from a repository during the Dispose and Delete action.  These actions previously were displayed in the Inbox.

Custom Inbox Columns

Previously custom columns could only be added to the Inbox globally.  These can now be added per user under Settings → My Preferences.  Custom columns can then be added and removed from a view in any of the disposition areas.


Many performance improvements have been made to the cloud service to improve most aspects of the system.  The most noticeable improvements will be when using the Inbox with large amounts of expired records.



When using the Gimmal cloud it is recommended to upgrade the connectors as soon as possible after the service has been updated.  If you are reading this before the service has been upgraded, please wait until the Gimmal cloud service is updated before upgrading your connectors.

The connectors are no longer part of the core installer, and each has a separate ISO to download and install.

Deprecated features

  • Internet Explorer is no longer supported
  • SharePoint 2010 is no longer supported
  • The File Share Connector is not supported with this release.  It has been replaced with the Universal File Share Connector.

Resolved issues

The following issues have been resolved in this release.

IDComponentDescriptionTicket #
38032SharePoint Online ConnectorDestruction Certificate and Archive records not created for SharePoint records20123

Known issues

The following issues are known to exist at this time.

52054CoreWhen a record is ready for manual transfer in Physical Confirmation, if the user clicks the Complete button at the top of the screen, the user is not given the option to enter an updated URL.Use the drop-down menu next to each record in the Physical Confirmation view and click Complete.
51914CoreCase base record classes with Record Declaration set to Never still allow users to choose the Declare Record option for records.Do not declare the individual records of a case, declare the case itself.
51885CoreWhen creating a Legal Hold and no legal cases are available if a user clicks Confirm an error is presented in the web browser's developer console.No workaround is necessary.
51790CoreAssigned Record Filters for a user do not show assignments via Group Membership in the Secure page.View the individual user accounts to see assigned Record Filters.
51613Documentum ConnectorThe rest connector does not use paging for the incremental job. Page size is sent as a param, but it is not used. This can cause out of memory errors when there are many changes returned from the changelog query.A full crawl does use paging and will resolve the problem.
51558Box ConnectorWhen completing the Records Management Configuration for the Box Connector, clicking Save more than once can result in multiple configuration entries in the Box Connector database.Leave the page and coming back will load the form with saved data, and the page will update the existing entry as expected.
51694SharePoint Server ConnectorIn rare occurrences, a new record that falls under an existing legal hold might not get locked.Run Force Processing of All Items resolves the issue.
51338CoreIn rare occurrences, deleting a record class generates an error in the web browser's developer console.No workaround is necessary, record class is still deleted.
49042ReportsBar Graph data in the Approaching Phase Expiration report can take up multiple pages when there are many items in the report.None.
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