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Documentum Analytics Release Notes

The Documentum Analytics and Discovery Tool is a standalone reporting tool that generates advanced File Analytics and De-duplication reports for determining redundant, obsolete and trivial content (ROT) in Documentum Server.

A turnkey solution to assist with migration pre-planning or environment review requirements.

August 2021



  • Support for Documentum 5.3+ to Documentum 16.X.
  • Full solution installer.
  •  Identify the size of an area within Documentum. 
  •  Identify the various objects types within a taxonomy. 
  •  Identify duplicate documents. 
  •  Identify the permission levels within an area in Documentum. 
  •  Identify various mime types in an area. 
  •  Identify reserved documents. 
  •  Identify empty containers. 
  •  Identify items that have not been viewed within a specified period of time. 
  •  Identify items that have not been modified within a specified period of time. 
  •  Identify deep folder structures. 
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