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Content Server Exporter Release Notes

Quickly and easily bulk export your content from Livelink Content Server to your network file shares (shared drives).

May 2021


Feature Updates

  • Re-added #, %, ♂, ♀ back in the character replacement mappings xml file since URL encoding formats cannot accept those characters.
  • Added support to trim line feed, vertical tab, form feed, carriage return, CR+LF, next line (U+0085), line separator and paragraph separator characters causing csv to jump to next line; invisible characters preventing MAPIT migrations to work.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed issue where characters from xml character replacement mappings files weren't being used to replace legacy audit file's ContentServerFileName value in the metadata.csv.
  • Fixed issue where Legacy Audit Trails folder entry in the metadata.csv wasn’t included when exporting files using text file of object Ids.
  • Fixed issue where parent folders weren’t included in the metadata.csv when exporting files using text file of object Ids.
  • Fixed issue where metadata.csv doesn't have the audit trail entries when selecting 'Do Not Export Content' when legacy audit trail is selected.
  • Fixed issue where when exporting audit trails only and include root folders using text file of objectIDs, it wasn’t populating the parent folder entries in the metadata.csv.
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