The Gimmal Connector for Access Unify allows organizations to seamlessly automate the management of physical assets stored in Access warehouses using Gimmal Physical as the single system of record.

This article will review the configuration and use of the Access Unify connector.

Connector Highlights

  • Request Box Pickup from customer locations to Access warehouse

  • Request Box Delivery from Access warehouse to customer locations

  • Synchronize box metadata between Systems


There are a number of elements to configure the Access Unify connector. Once key client information is entered into the Application Settings, a synchronization of data is run. This populates the requisite information for the integration to function correctly

Application Settings

Configure Access Unify Credentials

  • Access Unify Client ID - The unique identifier given by Access to identify the client to the Access Unify Rest API

  • Access Unify Secret - Value of the secret used in conjunction with Access to establish secure credentials

  • Access Unify URL - URL used to communicate with the Access Unify system.

Synchronization of Data

  • Synchronize Access Unify - Run Now - Button to be used to initialize the Synchronization of data. Clicking this button will kick-off the following processes:

    • Populates the list of Access Customer IDs

    • Populate the list of transit addresses used by Access to deliver or pick up boxes at the customer site

    • Populate the list of delivery codes that can be used for this customer

    • Link box barcodes with any counterparts stored at an Access warehouse
      Note: This should be used sparingly as all existing values and relationships will be cleared. It will typically be used only once.

  • Access Unify Sync Status - The status from the last known synchronization.